Forty thousand UK and Irish farmers applied for grants in the recent funding rounds

Thousands of farmers have applied for government grant funding in respective schemes offered by UK and Republic of Ireland governments a latest poll has revealed.


Following the close of the recent funding rounds, the National Farm Research Unit (NFRU) the poll of 3,161 UK and Irish farmers indicated 39,433 had applied for grants once the results had been weighted-up against NFRU’s Farm Structures Model to provide a representation of the sector across the UK and Republic of Ireland (RoI).

Across the UK and RoI funding has been available to incentivise farmers to invest in areas such as precision technology, livestock systems or improving conservation, which will help improve resilience for farm businesses and support sustainability.

Breaking down the results by funding type, the poll showed that over 12,500 farmers in England had applied for the grants through the Farming Investment Fund. In Scotland more than 3,000 farmers applied for the grants through the Sustainable Agricultural Capital Grants Scheme and in Wales 2,200 farmers applied through the Farm Business Grant.

The highest number of applicants came from RoI where more than 17,000 farmers applied for the Capital Items grants in the recent rounds of funding.


Arable Sector

Nearly a quarter of Arable farmers in Great Britain (GB) applied for funding. With a range of items available through the scheme all chosen to help support sustainable farming methods, 11% of arable farmers were looking to invest in a direct drill, indicative of the move towards regenerative farming methods and promoting healthy soils.


Dairy Sector

More than 40% of larger herd dairy farmers (150+ head of milking cows) in GB applied for funding. Twenty-five percent intended to invest in slurry management which aligned to compliance with upcoming slurry regulations which will come into force as part of the government’s Clean Air Strategy.

More than half of GB dairy farmers intended to use the grant for improvements to livestock management on farm.


Beef & Sheep Sector

Nearly a quarter of suckler herd farmers in GB applied for funding and more than 25% of these are seeking to invest in infrastructure and farm upkeep.

Twenty-four percent of sheep farmers in GB applied for funding with the 30% applying where flocks size was greater than 500 breeding ewes. Eighteen hundred of these will be investing in farm upkeep or conservation measures.



* The National Farm Research Unit interviews more than 18,000 farmers in UK and Ireland on a rolling basis. All the data is weighted up from our sample to estimates for the whole population using our Farm Structures Model.

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