Who We Are

The National Farm Research Unit (NFRU) has been at the forefront of agricultural market research since 1994, merging with Map of Ag in 2016. During this time, we have conversed with tens of thousands of farmers about topics that matter.

What We Do

Our research studies enable us to gather information and build a detailed picture on farming issues and trends. As part of our remit, we collect and communicate farmers’ views and opinions on key farming issues to the wider industry.

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If you work in the farming industry and would like to participate in our research or sign up to our newsletter, please get in touch or call +44 (0)1728 621364.


individual farmers views and opinions.


hours listening to farmers views and opinions each year.

82 million

hectares of total farmed area interviewed.

What is the main reason you attend agricultural shows?

What is the main reason you attend agricultural shows?

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