Poll results

A new way to monitor grass growth

16 March, 2019

Spring is the time for maximum grass growth and having adequate grass production is a key variable for dairy margins….

Gearing up for variable rate on winter wheat

16 March, 2019

Spring is here and your work on the fields is in full flow. Fertiliser applications and pest control will be…

Farmers have their say on UK Government Policy

16 March, 2019

As the Agriculture Bill works its passage through Parliament, we polled farmers to ask them what policies they think the…

Are you looking to invest in automation and/or robotic farming methods in the next 5 years?

13 December, 2018

The latest NFRU Farm360 study shows that the uptake of robotic/automated/mechanised farming technologies by UK farming businesses is increasing. The…

Does society have a right to say in the way farmers farm their land?

3 July, 2018

For this year’s Oxford Farming Conference, the National Farm Research Unit asked 1,072 farmers “Society has a right to have…

New farm workforce figures

3 July, 2018

In this newsletter, we share new results around farm workforces from our ongoing Farmer2020 study which asks farmers how many…

Global trade – opportunity or threat?

29 March, 2018

The National Farm Research Unit recently asked 1,072 farmers “Global trade is an opportunity or threat?” As the chart below…

Which brand do UK farmers choose for their most powerful tractor?

29 March, 2018

Over the past 18 months, the National Farm Research Unit has asked 11,960 farmers in the UK, “What is the…

What are you doing with your male dairy calves?

20 August, 2017

Over the last year, the National Farm Research Unit has interviewed just under 3,000 UK dairy farmers about what they…

UK Single Farm Payment poll results post-Brexit

15 August, 2017

How resilient is your business to the potential reduction in Single Farm Payment after 2020? The National Farm Research Unit…