72% of Scottish farmers say NO to independence

24 March, 2017

The results of a new survey, released today by the National Farm Research Unit (NFRU) reveals that almost three quarters (72%) of Scottish farmers want to stay within the United Kingdom.

Farmers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, although not eligible to vote in the referendum, also took part in the survey and 63% want Scotland to remain part of the UK.

Table 1: Should Scotland leave the United Kingdom? (By Region)

With less than three months to go to the independence referendum, the NFRU survey reveals that just 10% of Scottish farmers want Scotland to be an independent country. Only 18% of Scottish farmers say they are undecided about how to vote.

The National Farm Research Unit carried out the research in April, May and June, interviewing a representative sample of farmers in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The farmers were asked whether they thought Scotland should leave the United Kingdom.