New farm workforce figures

3 July, 2018

In this newsletter, we share new results around farm workforces from our ongoing Farmer2020 study which asks farmers how many people work on the farm, comparing part-time vs full-time employees and family vs non family.

Fig 1. Average number of employees per farm, segmented by region


Fig 2. Average number of employees per farm, segmented by enterprise


Our results show that on average and consistently across the UK, two thirds of your workforce are engaged on a full-time basis and one third on a part-time basis, with the North East employing the least part-time workforce. Figures were very similar across all sectors. Generally, labour has steadily increased year on year over the past three years. segments the top five brands by country.

Fig 3. Farm employees, segmented by employment type


Fig 4. Farm employees, segmented by family vs non family


Workforce is made up of 60-70% family members and this has remained fairly consistent over the past three years. Interestingly when comparing the split of workforce of family members vs non family members by country, England and Scotland employ fewer family members, 63% and 61% respectively, with Wales and Northern Ireland employing almost 20% more at 83% and 82% respectively.


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