What We Do


The Map of Ag Platform provides easy and intuitive access for farmers to log in and set up permissioned access to their data sources; once established the platform runs daily automated refreshes of all relevant farm data.

Data is held in a single place for permissioned retrieval and sharing across the farmer’s network of associates (also on the Map of Ag platform).

The secure automation of everyday information, from production, compliance, animal health & welfare reporting, to sharing of data with the farmer’s professional advisors, gives comprehensive and valuable insights.

The insight we provide is presented in an understandable format for easy decision making and time-saving.

Key areas of work include:

·      Digital data ingestion
·      Data enrichment
·      Data modelling
·      Data APIs
·      Database Management
·      Real time information

“All the information was already there – it just meant hooking all the bits together. It helps me keep an eye on what’s going on.”

Shaun Wilson, Farmer


Map of Ag has pioneered predictive marketing in agriculture. We use state of the art data modelling and analytics to create insights for our clients and the agriculture industry as a whole.

Our analytics allow for real-time interventions, bringing immediate benefits to the marketing process.

This industry data modelling, when combined with other layers of public and private information, can provide customised, interactive and dynamic insights at a granular level.

Key areas of work include:

·      Analytics and predictive marketing
·      Delivering insights to support strategies
·      Strategic consultancy
·      Data licensing

“Market intelligence in agriculture is moving from a ‘rear view mirror’ perspective to a forward-looking stance. We believe that real-time analytics will increasingly take the place of quantitative research for the whole agricultural industry. Qualitative research is still necessary if we are to truly understand what is in the farmer’s head but most valuable of all is the farmer’s deep values and drivers.”

Jim Williams, Map of Ag


For 25 years, we have successfully combined the disciplines of quantitative and qualitative research, marketing services and strategic consultancy.

Map of Ag provides market insight, competitive advantage and customer differentiation to a range of organisations both in the public and private sectors.

Our full complement of services allow our clients to make informed decisions about their business, improving performance, customer relationships and profitability.

Key areas of work include:

·      Conducting primary market research fieldwork
·      Tracking attitudes, behaviours and trends

“We spend more than 35,123 hours a year talking to farmers – we know who to speak to, how to engage them and which questions to ask.”