Managing and using data

Data Handling

Data is our business and we have years of experience. Our software and platform developers understand that data needs to be FAIR – findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. And that it must be secure. 

In the UK and New Zealand we have developed codes of practice for the sharing of farm data.

We also have representation on the data group within ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording), the Cool Farm Alliance Working Group, the Centre for Digital Innovation Steering Group and Agritech New Zealand, including the Practitioner Working Group.

Data Science

Our data science team works with data across the agrifood sector with experience in programmatic manipulation, BI analytics and machine learning.

The team has led the development of analytics and insight solutions in agri-food supply and agricultural compliance in the UK, Australia and New Zealand .


Food and farming is in our DNA. Right across our business our people are subject matter experts in the use of data in agrifood systems and many have come from agriculture, farming and sustainability backgrounds.

Our agri experience covers a range of disciplines including environment, animal science, production & nutrition, agronomy, precision farming, digital media, agri sector research, animal genetics, farm systems and agricultural compliance among several others.