We connect data from farms and the food supply chain. Our Pure Farming platform cleanses and standardises data from the wide range of sources to help organisations across the supply chain.

Whether it be the carbon footprint of a beef farm, the product quality of wheat, the water usage of fresh produce, or the provenance of a pint of beer, our systems have been built to connect data across the supply chain to provide transparency and support organisations and food producers in their management decisions.

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Our globally leading technology allows farmers to connect their data into the Pure Farming platform and then decide who, how and where their data can be used.

Trust is at the heart of what we have built. Thousands of farmers and other data originators can sleep easily knowing they control exactly who can use their data and for what purpose.

Our Pure Farming platform’s farmer-centred user interface enables them to see what data they have connected, who is using it and under what terms. 

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Think of us as the telephone exchange connecting one party with another. We charge for the connection and the Pure Farming platform allows the data originator to determine what data they make available through that connection.

Our tiered pricing model is based on the number of data originators a data recipient needs to connect to. The higher the number of connections needed, the lower the price per connection paid by the recipient, so as you scale, the unit cost comes down.

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Ensuring your data is secure and that you in are control of it is our number one priority. You need to know you can trust us to help you with your data.

All our information systems are aligning with the ISO 27001 standard.

We have also been founder authors of codes of practice for the sharing of farm data in both the UK and New Zealand on behalf of those countries’ industry good bodies.

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