Rob Burgess

Head of Product


Rob has worked for Map of Ag since 2014, having graduated from Newcastle University with a 1st class honours degree in Agribusiness Management.

Originally from a livestock farm in the Midlands, Rob now oversees Map of Ag’s product team, working with the commercial and technical teams to ensure the delivery of core products and functionality to meet the needs of customers.

During his time at Map of Ag, Rob has managed a range of key customer accounts within the food supply chain, overseeing the effective delivery of products and services and ensuring value can be added to improve supply chain transparency, resilience and deliver continuous improvement.

With his background and work to date at Map of Ag, Rob has gained a thorough understanding of the challenges in capturing and using farm data, and how this can be used in a way that benefits the farmer, as well as third party organisations that the farm wishes to share it with.


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