Technology is always developing, and so are we…

We are excited to announce a new look for Rezare Systems, part of the Map of Ag Group, but first let’s take a look at our journey so far…


How we started

Rezare Systems was founded in 2004, with the founder directors having worked at AgResearch, NZ’s premier crown-owned agricultural research institute. Over the years Rezare Systems has developed an enviable track record in developing solutions that are best in class and derived from our expertise in building customer-centric software, leading development methodologies, and science-backed digital solutions for agriculture.

Map of Ag’s vision is to be the most trusted global data platform connecting farms and industry. Map of Ag was founded by New Zealand farmer Forbes Elworthy as a spin-out from his agri portfolio investment business to meet a growing need for data-driven insights into farm performance.

Incorporated in 2015, we have since acquired several businesses: Precision Prospecting in 2016, The Evidence Group and Precision Decisions both in 2018, and Rezare Systems in 2020. We are now 120 staff with across offices in the UK and New Zealand.


Where we’re heading

At the heart of our business is our data platform, Pure Farming, connecting farms and industry making sure data originators can control how their data is used and by whom.

Customers beyond the farmgate increasingly need access to farm and environmental data to achieve their business objectives. Farmers are increasingly asked to spend time supplying this data which they have already entered into systems for management purposes. Existing data is often hard to access, poor quality and difficult to organise. Map of Ag works as a trusted partner to connect farms and the supply chain allowing them control of their respective data.

As a company our values are ‘VITAL’

Value​: We will deliver demonstrable benefit to our customers, recognise everyone in the business has something to offer, and put something back into the industry and society.

Innovation​: We will be tireless in developing best-in-class solutions and processes that put us out front in the marketplace.

Trust​: In everything we do, we will act with honesty and integrity – our people, our solutions, and our relationships.

Agility​: We will be willing to adapt to evolving needs and considered in the changes we make.

Longevity​: We will keep looking over the horizon to future-proof what we do today for the needs of tomorrow, and​ continually learn from our​ experiences and peer.


Introducing the Rezare Systems new logo

To bring the brands within the Map of Ag Group together, we have updated the branding of Rezare Systems to show strength across the group and create a consistent style.

Julian Gairdner, Chief Commercial Officer at Map of Ag Group says: “Trust is essential for us. We strive to create a trusted brand identity and the alignment of the Rezare Systems brand with the Map of Ag Group, cements Rezare Systems as a core enterprise within the portfolio.”

The Rezare Systems logo has been adapted to a sphere style icon, encompassing the Map of Agriculture colour palette. The new logo conveys a more contemporary and dynamic feel, designed to reflect the leading technologies which Rezare Systems provides for its customers.

Andrew Cooke, Managing Director (NZ, Australia) and Chief Technology Officer Map of Ag Group, says: “Here at Rezare Systems we help agribusiness embrace digital and progress their technology journey. Our new branding not only better reflects us as a business but also demonstrates our journey with Map of Ag.”


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