Updates made to Map of Ag’s FarmMetrics solution

As part of its continuous investment into its suite of technology solutions, Map of Ag is currently working to further enhance the capabilities of its FarmMetrics software.  


Developed over the past 10 years, FarmMetrics is an online web portal that allows organisations working with farms to access reports, insights, and gather further information from farms where required. FarmMetrics compliments the Pure Farming data platform, with data ingested from existing data sources permissioned for use within the software. FarmMetrics is currently used by a wide range of organisations, including food retailers, food processors, farm consultancy organisations and public industry bodies, covering a range of agricultural sectors.  

The development roadmap for FarmMetrics includes many new features and tools, along with enhancements to existing capabilities ensuring it continues to meet the needs of clients and their suppling farms. The below table provides a summary of some of these  new features. 

Feature  What will it offer? 
Cross Device Support  Improved cross device functionality, ensuring FarmMetrics can be accessed via a range of user devices, including smart phones and tablets. 
Client Administration  Allow users the ability to manage configuration of the software, data capture specifications & report content independently, giving them full control.  
International Support  Updating the interface to support multiple languages and local data preferences, allowing international businesses to more easily use it.  
Sustainability Insights  Use a range of new environmental sustainability models to provide insights on areas such as greenhouse gas emissions or nitrogen use efficiency.  

The new features will be rolled out in stages starting in early 2022. Richard Myers, FarmMetrics Product Manager, explains

FarmMetrics has delivered a huge amount of value to our clients to date, and has seen a high growth in the numbers of users, particularly in the past 5 years as agriculture becomes more digital. It’s therefore important that we continue to enhance core features, to support our clients in meeting their commercial needs, whilst also ensuring the data sharing process is as seamless and transparent as possible for the farm users who use it.

For more information on FarmMetrics, please email info@mapof.ag

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