Map of Ag wins ‘Collaboration and Responsible Business’ award at the 2022 Weetabix Supplier of the Year Awards

Map of Ag, a global data platform connecting farms and industry, has been recognised for its outstanding work in collaboration and responsible business at the 2022 Weetabix Supplier of the Year Awards.

One of Map of Ag’s services is to measure crop carbon footprint by directly ingesting farm data into their software. This not only makes it easy for the grower, but it also improves accuracy and consistency of data, and helps the growers understand what is driving greenhouse gas emissions and highlight areas for improvement.

Weetabix has awarded Map of Ag this award for their work together in 2022. Weetabix wanted to assess the carbon footprint of their wheat, which alone makes up over 30% of their footprint. They needed a partner to help them with this task and engage with their grower group to participate.

The grower group focused on developing a baseline from which action can be taken to reduce GHG emissions. A key element of the activity has been to look at measures that can improve nitrogen use efficiency as this links closely to the impact on GHG emissions and engages growers with an area that they will find more tangible.

Weetabix & Map of Ag’s team worked hard to engage  growers to participate in the project. In addition, they have given lots of support by reviewing the data, giving guidance, and presenting  to the growers’ group and the Weetabix senior leadership team.

“Map of Ag’s dedication to the project and expert knowledge of agrifood sustainability and the impact farming systems have on our environment were instrumental to the success of the project. As a partner, Map of Ag understands our vision of sourcing carbon-neutral wheat and are committed to supporting us along this journey,” said James Croskell, Supplier Technical Manager, Weetabix.

The benefits of the project have been multifaceted. Map of Ag has  helped Weetabix to engage their growers in the strategic aims of their sustainability agenda. The carbon footprint of Weetabix’s wheat has been established, and this has enabled Weetabix to progress  to a potentially leading position on sourcing low carbon wheat. Map of Ag’s industry-leading expertise for Carbon Footprint analysis gives the Weetabix data credibility and robust claims in the complex and difficult area of sustainability.

“We are thrilled to receive this award from Weetabix. It was fantastic to be supporting a project which aligns with our core values, and we are pleased to have such positive feedback from the grower group. This award is a testament to our dedication and commitment to our partners,” said Anna Powell, Sales Consultant, Map of Ag.

Map of Ag is proud of this achievement and looks forward to continuing to work with Weetabix and other partners to drive productivity, efficiency, transparency, and ultimately realise the vision of sustainable food production. By utilising innovative technologies and collaborating with industry leaders, Map of Ag is helping to pave the way for a more sustainable future for the agricultural industry.


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